REO Asset Management

Typically REO projects require immediate repairs and a rapid response by the service providers.  Often there are water penetration issues and roof repairs, tuckpointing, and waterproofing issues need to be addressed. There may be security issues where alarms, fencing, and new locks are required. Typically properties need to be cleaned out, secured and other preservation services are required. What distiguished us is we can help the property owner not only do the basics, but also make the changes necessary to improve the property to realize its full value.

Our specialty is the preparation of scopes of work, budget and the project management to complete repairs in a timely manner to so the owner can quickly sell or lease the property at a fair price.

Many of the properties we become involved in are either bank owned REO's or are in the foreclosure process.  We also have been appointed as a court appointed receiver for properties that are either foreclosed, or there is a legal dispute between the owner and lender.

Many of the small site projects we have been involved with have been completed from start to finish in as soon as a few days or a few weeks. We have also been involved with large REO projects that have multiple units that have lasted over a year to complete or until all of it was sold. Distressed properties require a wide range of services and we can provide almost anything that is needed.